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Victoria´s Experience

By Victoria

Oh my God..I have such similarities..It stirs me till no end. I went to Loren bc Michael went to his lecture and bought a package and Michael could not get a refund, so Loren said that I could use it towards a fast. So that is why I didn't fast with Doug, but I did everything else from promote Doug to going to all of his other events like Health and Fitness week 2x and Culinary skills..I was going to always be a student of Doug's and when Loren had the nerve to tell all of us fasting in a vulnerable state nasty things about Doug, I otld Loren off and he had been super duper mean to me since day 1. He didn't pick me up from the airport as discussed and I had to pay lots of money for a ride. When I asked if he could pay for half he said "NO, it's business" and then I said, NO, it's all heart and you don't have one. I went home with a driver that takes most of the people home..he was from the UK and he confirmed everything I was telling him. He said Loren was so damned cheap that he would ask for a percentage of the money that he took to take the people gross. Also, the fruits were not edible and very scarce. When Michael bought me a watermelon and wrote all over it how much he was proud of me with the kids signing it, I wanted to eat it, but Loren told me it was not going to be a good one and he said he was throwing it out..Michael got upset when I told him on the phone and insisted it would be a good watermelon and to save it for me after the fast that was about to end for me. SO he did reluctantly. I have to say, it was the BEST watermelon I had ever had!!! I even left the place early and paid loads more to get home only 3 days into refeeding, that is how much I wanted to get away from Loren Loser. Funny thing is I always have a forgiving heart and even when I wrote something nasty about Loren, I also apologized right after..but then soon after I wrote it again, bc I didn't want people to be mislead. Then Loren told me off. Then I heard of someone that I said he was over fasting died. John was only in his early thirties and newly wed. He was very thin to begin with and Loren insisted he fast him for 40 days..way too long. I think it lasted 32 and John finally went nuts and died of complications. He was like a Holocaust victim. When it was 3 weeks and I had broken my fast, I suggested that Loren end John's and Loren snapped at me and said I knew nothing of fasting and he was an expert.

As for charging loads of money for everything, well, it was insane..Lights out and he didn't give a crap about anyone or what they wanted. He was not around all day, which I loved but thought it was weird. When I would ask a question during his morning lectures, he would snap at me to stop interrupting bc he said it would make him forget what he was going to say..bec it was all memorized duh..nothing was from the heart. When I ask Doug something in the middle of his lecture, he explains it and moves harm done. People get stuck during a long talk and need to ask to fill in the holes. Loren is a hole and I am not talking about the ones you dig? I am not only not a fan of the con man Loren Loser as I like to call him, I am warning ALL of you who even think about doing anything regarding any money with the master con man. I say, stay clear of this evil devil. I have nothing to gain by telling you this, but you will have so much to lose by ignoring this!

1. The place was dated

2. The sheets and comforters were stained

3. The staff was treated poorly

4. Loren told me that he had no wi fi when in fact he did and he said it caused cancer

5. I paid for the ride to and from the airport and thought it would be included

6. Loren talked badly about other health leaders and said he knew for a fact about personal things about them and I found them not to be true.

7. The beds were too hard

8. The walls were paper thin and you could hear every word your neighbors would say

9. Internet was very expensive, he charges per minute 10 cents which I thought was crazy

10. Lights out at 8:30 pm on the grounds

11. The weight scale was dated and was not really accurate for reading fat and hydration

12. The Library had no books on health and had old novels and old magazines and was small with a small selection.

13. Loren told us all about his financial problems and I found it to be unprofessional

14. I felt as though I was getting Island Fever and felt trapped at times.

15. The fruit after re feeding was not ripe and not very tasty

16 Not every room had warm showers

17. Mosquitoes, spiders, scorpions, snakes were on the grounds and Gekos that were very noisey at night

18. A lot of outside noise from the neighbors at times and dogs barking in the middle of the night. Bring your earplugs!

I met wonderful people and yes, I would do another long term fast, but I would not go back to Tanglewood! I did become angry and irritable there and I did not like the people running the place.


wow, Emily, you sure do have an answer for everything..too bad you are making me out to look like a liar, so I will add that to my list of CONS, which is what I think you are. I know you are trying to be dipolomatic in saying that you love feeback to improve the place..But I actually made the place in my pros look like shangri la compared to what I really thought..

You are so full of shit Emily..You were not even nice at all behind your fake smile.

I never asked Loren anything, and he gave me his brutally honest statements..I never asked him to tell me anything about his finances and he voluntarily told me and everyone else about his finances..and when Nadia asked Loren in front of me why he didn't just purchase another scale he said "I am in no position to get another scale, it is too expensive and I don't even give myself a salary"

I was there for re feeding for 9 meals and the only real good one was the one that my husband Michael left for me which was the watermelon that he bought me before leaving the place.. And I recall very vividly that Loren wanted to throw it away because he said it was going to be awful..well, I have news for you it was the sweetest tasting fruit I have ever tasted! And another thing, my husband happens to be a really in tuned fruitarian that knows how to pick fruit..The fruit I had at Tanglewood(not counting the first meal I had to break my fast, b/c that goes without saying my taste buds were new again) were the worst tasting fruits I have ever tasted ever!!!! SOoooooooo, don't even get me started Emily!!! I am through being nice..I said I would be but you are so fake I can't stand it anymore..I am telling everyone on this site now that they should go to Douglas Graham or True North or somewhere else to fast long term, but stay away from Tanglewood, (home of everything Victoria is saying is a lie) Emily and Loren Lockman!!!! Thanks for listening!!!! WOw, EMily, you are a piece of work! Way to stick up for Loren! You are just so blinded by love for him and he does not even love you , it is so obvious! and that whole thing about the wi fi and you not knowing how to turn it off while I was there...brilliant dear! just brilliant.. You saw that I had a connection right outside of your office and then you had it turned off or limited to your office only..I am not stupid..I know a lot more than you think..and I know people who were in your office and working on the high speed connection for you and he worked for 15 hours for you guys and then you have the nerve to charge him for internet and he worked on your computers for free???? lol..The staff there hates you and calls Loren Loco...I am quoting them. they also said that they were not allowed to touch the fruit for themselves!!!!.I speak Spanish fluently and you tell the staff they can't even talk to the guests and then you asked me what they are talking to me about??? where was I staying the gestapo???? I felt at times I was in a concentration camp to be quite honest!!!! Emily, wake up and smell the are drowning in a place called Tanglewood and Loren is your master...ha ha are so blind!

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