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My condolences to the family of Jonathan, who recently died at tanglewood.

I do sincerely hope, that the FBI´s investigation culminates in the complete eradication of loren lockman´s defrauding activities.


Wanting desperately to know what happened to a fellow faster of mine named Jonathan. He was severely underweight and he fasted at the same time that I did under the supervision of Loren Lockman. Anyone happen to know what happened and what went down? We all want and kind of need to know as we all will or have fasted one time or another.
This is very disturbing to say the least and if we get the truth it shall make things more clear.

Jon was a very smart man in his thrities and he was married. He talked very highly of his life with his wife in COlorado. He missed her very very much and it was all he liked to talk about. He kept telling me how much his wife begged for him to come home..I toldhim to break the fast if he didn't feel like going the full 32(which he did) if he was not up to it) he said Loren reassured him that he was okay.

Loren never checked for Potassium or anything major..Even when I brought it up Loren disputed it. I tild him I read it in Dr Fuhrman;s booka nd he said that Fuhrman didn't know much b/c he was "just an M.D." as he liked to put it.

I am very very heartbroken for Jon's family now and I feel like I lost a good friend.

I am weeping since I heard of this terrible news this morning..Even worse not knowing the details..

I think it is the right thing to do and come forward and tell us what you know if you do know what happened...there is nothing more upsetting than drawing your own creepy conclusions.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez tell us what you know! Anyone????????????




thanks Victoria..I see more to the story as a deep iceberg in the water.. because I was with them all before this all went down. I saw too many signs of this man needing to end his fast at week 2 and I am not even an expert. I am not going to say that I am a wizard and I could have stopped it, but a man of his weight (soooo severely underweight) and the things he was saying should have been a sign to email his wife by Loren the Supervisor much much earlier in my opinion..It was nice of Loren to go to see Jon at the hotel, but honestly, I think this could have worked out a bit better..then there are always the ppl that will say, It was Jon's time and his choice..but I think that there could have been prevention. I am very sad about this..I really thank you so much for the info Victoria, it means a lot.


I was there when Jonathan died.

"he was acting really weird a day or two before he left... I mean pacing around the property with his lap top in his hand opened, one faster saw him do this for 40 min!"

Thank you for this information. I am still angry that Loren did not contact me sooner about Jonathan's erratic behavior, nor did he do anything to intervene. The entire purpose of Jonathan's being there was so that he would have proper supervision. Incidentally, that lap top went missing, and to my knowledge, has not been found.

"He was just about done his time there, was scheduled to leave Panama in about 3 days... he was about 2-3 weeks into refeeding.... Looking and feeling very good! I spoke to him once and he was really happy with his fast and the way he felt..."

Yes, he was scheduled to fly home in 3 days. Loren's policy is to refeed for 10 days prior to leaving, so Jonathan had only been refeeding for barely a week. The emails I received do corroborate that he was "pleased with how he felt" - but to clarify, I was highly concerned with the euphoric "high" that he seemed to be experiencing after about 3 days of refeeding. But because he was being "supervised", I assumed he was safe...

"Jonathan also was VERY religious and said he had a dream that God told him something like he was no good..."

On Tuesday night/Wednesday morning sometime, he had severe hallucinations. It almost appears, from his email history, that after his euphoric high, he simply crashed. What he described to me in an email as happening that night, and what his roommate James described to me on the phone afterwards were two very different things. He had obviously, at this point, lost touch with reality. The fact that he was religious has no more to do with his death than the fact of Loren's being an atheist has to do with his being alive.

"That evening, He demanded Loren take him to a hotel. Loren did not want to, but Jonathan demanded. He took him to Sora Hotel and Jonathan also refused to eat that day."

As it was told to me by Loren, it was Loren who suggested the hotel as a better alternative to Jonathan's simply walking off into the darkness, as he was apparently trying to do. Again, I am angry that at this point in time I had still not been contacted by Tanglewood in any way, alerting me that anything was amiss.

"THe next morning Loren went there to give him some fruit to eat and found Jonathan at the bottom of the stair case, he had fallen.... hit his head... was unconscious... From there he went to the hospital and died 2-3 days later."

The accident apparently happened sometime on Thursday morning, January 27. He was in a coma for 5 days, and died on the morning of February 1. My last contact with him was around 12:40am Panamanian time (by cell phone text, since by this time I was becoming worried on my own, but I did not call his cell phone because I did not wish to disturb his roommate at 1am - believing he was still at Tanglewood, which he was not) and Loren found him at around 9am Panamanian time. I had sent another text to him at 12:50am, but when I received his cell phone back, that text had never been read by him. Also, on the previous day, at 1:30pm, he placed a 911 call from his cell phone. He was obviously in distress, and I was completely unaware of it.

"His wife was there, seemed she was not surprised, he wrote her an email/text stating that she was not going to see him again (according to Loren)"

I booked a flight to Panama as soon as Loren told me of the accident, arriving around noon the next day. His email describing his hallucinations did include a premonition of death and that I might not see him again. Jonathan was taken to a state hospital in Panama City, which only permits visitation for one hour a day, from 6pm to 7pm. If your family member is in ICU (as Jonathan was), you may also come from 11:30am to noon to visit, and then get an update from the doctors. Jonathan died at around 8:45am, so I was not permitted to be with him at that time, although I immediately went to the hospital when I received the phone call from the US Embassy informing me of his death.

"HE had a history of depression he did not tell Loren about According to Loren)"

Blatantly untrue. Anyone who goes to our website and looks at the pictures of our life together ( can see how ridiculously happy we were.

"HIs wife ruled cause of death accidental"

Cause of death is officially "severe head trauma due to falling". I don't think spouses have the authority to "rule" anything. In fact, I have recently been contacted by the FBI, who was contacted through Interpol by the Panamanian authorities, and all of these events are currently under investigation.

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