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tanglewood is a business

Tanglewood "wellness" center is nothing more than Loren Lockman´s REAL ESTATE BUSINESS INVESTMENT.

loren lockman´s personality seem to boil down to the following stages:
Stage 1- Trying to be cool
Stage 2- Passive aggressive
Stage 3- Aggressive

He has been exposed by a vast amount of his clients as being a complete businessman who only cares about money and is cheap. His priority is to financially exploit his clients. Providing the best environment for their well being does not seem to be taken in consideration.

Screams and obscenely insults fasting clients when they respectfully disagree with him. Expose the fallacies in his theory to the point where he cannot find any more excuses, and he will resort to personal insults and obscene vocabulary, directed at his fasting clients. Screams and insults clients upon driving them back to the airport, simply because they were expressing their concerns. Threatens to leave them on the road and turns the radio loud. Drives dangerously. Treats his staff with a patronizing tone. Does not treat them as respectfully has he should. Clients can hear him yelling at his staff from their resting place. Most of his lectures start with personal attacks on other raw foodists.

Clients feel like the fast is not supervised for example fails to take vitals on a given day, excusing himself saying that he couldn't find the clients, when in fact they could see him pass outside the window and were in the same place as always. He just started avoiding them once they have expressed their concerns. This inadmissible and irresponsible type of behavior has been confirmed by other reports.

Clients feel like a burden. He tells them that for him it would be the same if they weren't there. Fails to provide his "6 week plan", that he was supposed to deliver at the end of the fast. Gives no proper attention to his clients, Clients lack interaction.

Adapts his theory to his financial purpose. Keeps pushing the clients to do the longest fast, even though they had already refused it. There are known cases of individuals who were injured by loren´s advice to push their fast the longest.Brings up "I thought we had a deal" type of conversations to his fasting clients, in order to push them to fast for longer (And consequently pay him more money).Offers no refunds whatsoever even when clients claim insatisfaction.

Claims the place will be packed in next session, when staff confirmed that there were only two possible reservations. Clients complain about lack of health education (and most of the little he speaks of is disinformation that will result in failure following a healthy lifestyle. Most of his clients end up going back to unhealthy eating habits)

Serves unripe fruit to his clients during the re feeding (tough papayas, acid and tasteless mandarins and bland watermelon - After a month on water the taste buds can´t be wrong). This is a fact, as was confirmed by his staff. When you pay thousands of dollars for basically a bed and water, it would be expected that the refeeding would be made of hand picked ripe fruit. Except for rare occasions, it was not. Keeps the ripe fruit for himself and serves the greener fruit to his clients (confirmed by his staff) Doesn't open big fruits, even if riper, to offer his clients (confirmed by his staff) Serves miserable amounts during the re feeding (staff confirms multiple com plaits from other clients) Clients leave feeling week and dizzy (confirmed by other reports) Would not let his clients simple TASTE some fruits. Offers two miserable meals when clients leave (half a papaya and 5 small bananas) that are supposed to sustain them for 48 hours, including all the airport activity.

After a lecture starts looking at the watch consistently in order to escape the room.
Removed all of the health books from fear that the clients would look for answers.
Charges significant amounts for internet use. Told clients that the very month they were staying in, the internet provider wouldn't make him pay (because the storms had broken the signal for short day or two.) although when consequently asked for a discount by his clients, has refused to provide any. Ask for a piece of paper and tanglewood will charge you 10 cents each. "It´s a business". Has products listed for one price, but after the client´s order, ends up charging twice the amount.

Does less to eat less. Has little or no fitness.

Claims that he does not advocate calorie restriction, yet lectures about the benefits of caloric restriction in order to achieve longevity, and says that NO one should eat 3000 calories a day and that he has been living on 1200 calories for several years. (It becomes obvious why he is so rude, unsatisfied and sedentary.)

Do not be deceive by the apparently lower price, and the lure of tropical Panama.

loren lockman is a money oriented and rude individual who does not have the skill, professionalism and interest in taking care of the health of others. It´s all a business to him. 

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