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The purpose of this blog

The objective of this blog is to expose the fact that the tanglewood "wellness" center run by loren lockman is far from being a plausible and safe option in regards to the care provided to their clients, principally because of the negligent, insulting and even abusive behavior of loren lockman himself.

While an enormous number of individuals have decided to keep silent in regards to their infelicities at tanglewood, a few others did come forward in order better elucidate about the intricacies of their experience.

The following reports are not related in any way, other than in the referral of events that took place at tanglewood. The fact that a pattern of characteristics is made obvious can only be interpreted as an undeniable sign not only of the consistency of the problems and their lack of coincidence, but also of the perpetuation and incorrigibility of loren lockman´s behavior through out the years.

Without any request or mention whatsoever, loren lockman will start spewing out attacks about other raw food leaders to his fasting clientele, during his lectures and discussions at tanglewood.

The substance of these attacks is so outrageous and lie full, that it can only deceive those who are not aware of the impeccable work and manhood of the individuals under the attack of loren´s poisonous tongue.

loren´s strategy is to basically project all of his defects towards those who he envies. Fortunately, his multiple attempts to convince his audience of the superiority of his persona, only result in the explicit exposure of his warmongering egomaniac personality.

Defining the specificity of his attacks would be to fuel the absurd, but the main idea that loren so desperately tries to sell, is that he is the one responsible for all the success of others and that he is the most experienced authority in the health scene. What we know for a fact is that the majority of individuals who follow his program fail to comply, because although to the inexperienced it may sound plausible, in the eyes of a truly qualified health professional the program contains structural corruption that can only lead back to the the usage of the foods known to be problematic. A straight forward indicative that there is something very wrong with loren´s professing´s is that the vocabulary required to defend them is polluted by words such as "asshole", "douche bag", "jerk" and even "f***". Not exactly what you would want to hear on normal day, let alone after one month on water.
As would be expected all those who were a victim of his preposterous accusations were fast to debunk them to ridicule.

It seems the general feeling towards loren is one of pity, and it is within this line that I wish to express that despite his irresponsible behavior and lack of professionalism that indeed promptly disqualify him from the role of a fasting supervisor, we all do ultimately forgive him.

There are multiple honest reports, that evidence loren´s sexual harassing behavior, his incapacity to pay old debts, his egoistic and insulting expressions and his negligent behavior in taking care of fasters among many others, but let us take note that despite all this loren is still deserving of our respect and comprehension, and this exposition would have never been born if his behavior wasn't capable of influencing the unsuspecting individuals, who being unaware, would so easily fall prey of the machinations of his business, particularly during the very sensitive experience of a fast.

"I do not recommend Loren Lockman for a wide variety of reasons including but not limited to irresponsible fasting procedures, sexual harassment of women fasters, theft and poor recovery services. There have been far too many people to come forward with horrendous fasting experiences at Tanglewood for us to ever suggest you fast there"


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