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Tanglewood Fasting Center in Panama - Loren Lockman

I just came back from a month stay at Tanglewood fasting for 21 days and refeeding for 7 days.
I strongly believe in the power of water fasting however, I would NEVER go back to Tanglewood or any fasting place run by Loren Lockman. I would tell all my friends and family to look into another fasting restreat where they actually care about your healing progress than every penny they can make from you and the stress that is place if you don't follow Loren's way.
This is a man who is very rigid in his way of thinking .
Everyone that paid to go to Tanglewood went there to get heal, not to be put under a cult of Loren's way of living.
The stress that this man places on you if you don't follow his plans is absolutely crazy to pay money for.
In his library of books, there are no health books because he does not want us to read any for they are all wrong ....this is according to his words.

I wish I had found this thread before paying money to go to Tanglewood.

I just saw his website online and talked to him on the phone.
He sounds very motivated and caring and knowlegable. I was excited to go to Tanglewood. But this is a man who has a degree in Business and worked in Sales for a while before starting up a water fast center.
I have concluded that he is a SALES man, who is hungry for your money.
This is not a man who wants to help heal people.

Take what I have written for whatever you may want to take it.

All the 8 guests and I said we would NEVER come back to Tanglewood and that we woud NEVER recommend anyone to Tanglewood to encountere the kind of stress we did.
We are suppose to be healing,,,,instead we were placed under stressful conditions that we could have received at home for free !

I do believe Loren is a hypocrite.
He teaches non-violent communication but it is he who needs to practice it bc I have see his VERY VIOLENT verbal communication to the guests.
And the interns are too scare of him to speak up to him.
You can tell the interns there do not care too much for him.
And the interns are told to have a limit on how long they can talk to the guests and on what topics they can talk to the guest about.
Interesting huh??? 

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