sexta-feira, 30 de maio de 2014

Nancy´s Experience

Nancy Hone, Minnesota 

I fasted at Tanglewood for 6 weeks in late 2001. Everything you said today was true then to a T. We all had bad experiences and tried to tell the world about him. We tried to tell the raw food movement and they would not listen. We tried to tell the Natural Hygiene movement and they would not listen. We tried to tell public officials and they would not listen. Finally, and as we predicted, someone died there last year and still no one will listen.As a naturopath, I can also tell you that his lack of knowledge is only superceded by his ego and his abusive behavior. We used to call him the head idiot.
His dictatorial nature only emphasizes his ignorance. When will he be stopped? I pray every day that he can no long take advantage of another ill person who desperately is seeking help for their health and falls into his clutches at a weak moment of decision. He is a con artist that must be stopped. Please do not recommend him ever to anyone. Last note. As I read this website that is sprinkled with an occasional, and I note occasional, defense of this leech upon society I wonder if he himself wrote them. Think about that. 

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