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Another blogger´s Experience

When I arrived at the Tanglewood Wellness Center I weight 162. My 
lowest weight was 134. Before I left the Center last Saturday it was up to 138. I still am at 138 a week later. My appetite is still not back to normal yet. I can't say that I 'felt' better after the fast, because I didn't 'feel' bad before the fast. However my foliculitus (which is a scalp condition) did improve greatly during the fast. The hardest part for me(and most frustrating) was the refeeding.  Eating the sweet fruits made my face break out and my vitiligo (skin condition) worst. It was frustrating because I told Loren of this, and yet I still had to eat the sweet fruits (or don't eat at all). After doing this 21 day water fast and having no bowel movement; also feeling the plaque matter in my body. In the future I will do either colonics or take some type of Herbal Fiberblend to keep the toxic eliminations moving OUT of my body rather than letting it stay in my body and suffer. There was a few days of extreme weakness and some heart palapatations, 
however overall the 21 days went rather smoothly. As to your comment about Loren not liking to answer questions, let me share some of my insights about this with you. When Loren gets questioned and he feels like he is being boxed in, he will often call over an intern (putting the intern on the spot) and have the intern defend Loren's position. For example during one of Loren's lecture a guest questioned Loren about his refeeding program. When Loren felt  cornered he called over the intern in the room to help him win his case. He had the intern sit down next to him and then Loren asked her how old she was. The intern is a beautiful woman near 50 with not one grey hair. She looks easily 10 years younger (I also most add that she is older than Loren and looks much younger than Loren). Loren was trying to make the point that, he is right, and if you follow his program you too can look this good. However the fact is (I saw this intern's before fasting photos) this intern was a beautiful, older, heavier set woman before she started her fast. So after the fast she remained an older, beautiful, woman who looked great because she lost about 20 pounds. EVERYBODY looses some weight while fasting. Loren used this intern to try and jusify his position without once answering the guest's question. Just yesterday after I posted my comments about Tanglewood on this forum I receive an email from one of the interns at Tanglewood. This intern wants to know why I am so antagonistic toward Tanglewood; why do I criticize the staff. This intern is telling me that I should stay on a raw fruit diet, etc., etc. This particular intern and I didn't talk much during my time at Tanglewood. I certainly didn't complain to him. What would be the point, all the interns just follow Loren's orders anyway. There would be no point in complaining to an intern. I find it very strange that this intern would email about things that are none of his concern with me the same day I make a post on this forum about Tanglewood?? Could it be that Loren is hiding behind his interns again?? Could it be that Loren told his intern to write me that email?? Just something for everyone to think about. I just want anyone thinking about going to Tanglewood to hear both sides of the story. 


I read your post.
Thank you so much for the information. I cannot believe it!

I was communicating with Loren through email and some of the things said just kind of got me thinking....He didn't like me questioning him on anything, acted like everyone could fast, and I with chronic fatigue could go right back to work after a 6 week stay which I highly doubt, and when he found out I am not coming next week he ended the email pretty much. Also, I asked him about a girl who he helped loose like 100 lbs and asked him how is she doing now that she is home....He ignored that question.


"the main reason that is because there were plenty of reasons including him coming on to her(what a dueche) he owed her a lot of money and kept making she said fuck it and blazed!"

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